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The Justice Academy: What You Should Know

The Justice Academy: What You Should Know

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Accidental Shootings by Children

Accidental Shootings have impacted communities all over the country.  Children are indeed our future. Each time a child dies society is cheated of the gifts those children had to offer. These incidents impact children of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Young children are curious about firearms and jump at the opportunity to touch and feel them. Adolescents are enchanted by similarities of real guns and toys and seek to explore their differences. Teens tend to utilize the possession of firearms as a symbol of strength and status. 

Each group may have a different reason for handling firearms but one thing they have in common is the probability of death or serious injury to them or someone close to them.  These incidents are preventable, education is the key.  Purchase Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety today.

Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety

Follow Robert, Heather and Juan on their adventure as they locate a firearm and work through problem solving processes to determine what to do with the firearm.  The children are introduced to Brownie Bear who provides instruction on gun safety. 

The author, B.L. Brown, is a certified police officer, law enforcement instructor and criminal justice instructor.  The book was written to initiate the conversation of gun safety in an attempt to deter accidental shootings by children.

See the Purchase Today page for a detailed review of Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety.

3 children involved in 3 separate accidental shootings in Memphis, TN In just 3 days a 4 year old female is in critical condition after an accidental shooting, an 8 year old died after accidentally shooting himself & a 4 year old male died after shooting himself.

Approximate Number of Child Deaths (0-17) and Injuries Resulting from Accidental Shootings

January 2017 -September 10, 2017

United States 202

Georgia 14 (5 injured, 9 dead)

From August 1-31, 2017 there were  30 incidents where a child under 17 years of age was killed or injured as a result of an accidental shooting. That is almost an average of 1 per day. 

Child - Gun Safety Education= Possible Accidental Shooting.
 This is not about the gun debate
#BrownieBearTeachesGun Safety

Saving children's lives by teaching them about the dangers of firearms has nothing to do with the fight for or against guns.

Statistics were obtained from the Everytown for Gun Safety website