Atlanta Security Consultants Presents:

The Justice Academy: What You Should Know

The Justice Academy: What You Should Know

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Atlanta Security Consultants, LLC

The Atlanta Security Consultants,LLC (ASC, LLC) is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is comprised of socially and politically conscious law enforcement professionals who work to build bridges between communities and law enforcement personnel through education. We conduct instructional seminars aimed at avoiding negative interactions with law enforcement professionals in common life situations, in addition to addressing personal, home and business safety and security concerns. Our consultants have an abundant knowledge in law enforcement training, tactics and procedures. We also utilize professional experience and security related training to provide security plans that improve personal, home and business safety/security. Members of Atlanta Security Consultants are certified law enforcement professionals, who enjoy memberships in a number of professional organizations.  We believe that education of both law enforcement officers and the public is necessary to improve relationships and decrease negative encounters. We provide detailed presentations by certified law enforcement instructors to community groups and law enforcement agencies in the following areas: 

  • Citizen/Police Encounters
  • Court Testimony
  • Domestic Violence
  • Interacting with Diverse Communities
  • Investigations
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Personal Security
  • Re-Entering Society from Correctional Facilities

Our Mission

Atlanta Security Consultants is committed to the relentless pursuit of educating civilian communities about safety, security and citizen/law enforcement interactions in today’s society.